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Ollie Beniyah Fisher, DMD, FICD, FACD
Dr. Fisher is a dentist, former Chemical Engineer, and U.S. Navy veteran. He has served on numerous charitable boards including the United Way of St. Louis, Better Family Life, Delta Dental of Missouri, and Give Kids A Smile.
Dr. Fisher is Director of Quality Assurance for Gateway to Oral Health Foundation.
He manages the Eco-park at Agua Clara, and oversees the Seeding Youth Success project in Belize, Central America.

President & CEO


Perdita Malkah Fisher, DMD, FACD
Dr. Fisher has practiced dentistry for more than 30 years. She is an author of several health related books, and continues to promote women's health and oral disease prevention in children.
Dr. Fisher is an associate dentist for Gateway to Oral Health Foundation, and serves on the National Dental Association Board of Directors.


Dr. A. Moriel McClerklin, BA, MA, PhD
Minister McClerklin is the President and CEO of Southland Care Coordination Partners. 
He has served as Executive Director for numerous charitable organizations, including Crossroads Coalition, A Better World, and Holistic Health Inc.  
His management skills uniquely positioned these non-profits for success.

Board Chairman


Coley Ben Koliyah Webb
Mr. Webb is the founder and owner of Tevi Deli Ltd.
Tevi Deli Ltd. is an international plant-based food manufacturing, and marketing company headquartered in Israel.
With annual sales of over $1.5 million, Tevi Deli Ltd. employs 40 workers. 
Mr. Webb endorses Hippocrates advice, "let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food".

Board Member

Board Member

Delmarie Fairweather, BS, Math,& Computer Science
Mrs. Fairweather is a Belizean-born educator and entrepreneur. 
She served many years as an educator in the United States, and Assistant Director for Mathnasium Learning Center in New Jersey.
Since returning to Belize, she immersed herself into community service. This includes the YWCA, Pathlight Belize, (an after-school tutoring program), and the Belize Cancer Society, to name a few.


G. Keymah Durden, BS Avionic/Mechanical Engineering
Mr. Durden is co-founder of a major urban farm in Cleveland, Ohio, the Rid-All Green Partnership.
He has managed and/or consulted in numerous international projects that include Bore holes in Kenya, organic farming in Ghana, and regenerative agriculture and healthy lifestyles in Israel.  

Board Member

Complete later

Board Member

Vincent Eleeasah McKinney, BS, Business Administration
Mr. Mckinney has more than 15 years experience as a humanitarian and educator.
 He is currently a University of Missouri 4-H STEM educator.
He also serves as an educator and program developer for the Seeding Youth Success program in Belize.

Board Member

Ronald Elemahd King, Investment Strategist
Mr. King is President and co-founder of Stable Foods/ Soul Vegan, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.
He was instrumental in growing his company from 2 clients to more than 65 clients today.
Mr. King has more than 30 years experience in finance, to include Chicago Mercantile Exchange, E.F. Hutton, and First Chicago Futures.

Board Member

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