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Ghan Eden Agriculture & Ecology Enterprise

About Ghan Eden AEE

Ghan Eden Agricultural & Ecology Enterprise is a charitable organization committed to eliminating hunger, and disease. We are dedicated to preserving the environment, providing sustainable agricultural development, training farmers of the future, and researching safe and effective farming practices.

By utilizing best practices, research, training programs, and collaborations, we are committed to providing sustainable, and financially viable farming practices worldwide, while preserving the environment, and improving health outcomes.

International Programs

Belize was selected as the site for our current international collaboration due to its proximity to the US, its climate, English language, pristine environment, labor force, monetary system, and North American building standards.

Our joint venture with Rid-All Urban Agriculture, and University of Missouri Extention will allow us to bring successful urban farming practices of aquaponics, soil production, research, and financial viability to small rural farming businesses. 


Ghan Eden Agricultural Ecology Enterprise is a science based holistic research enterprise dedicated to improving the physical and financial health of low income, minority, urban, and rural communities through research, counselling, and service, while conserving natural resources, and protecting the environment.


Envision a world where hunger, disease, violence, and pollution are nonexistent, replaced by a tapestry of abundance, health, peace, and purity, where every individual thrives in harmony with their environment.

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